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imageOur next generation of women leaders is suffering. The American College Health Association reported in 2011 that 91% of female college students felt “overwhelmed.” USA Today reported last year that female college freshmen’s emotional health hit an all-time low.

Only 46% surveyed would rate their emotional health as “above average.” This pressure to “do it all” and to do it perfectly is manifesting itself in low self-esteem, poor relationship choices, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and suicides.

Living away from home for the first time, the stress of wanting to succeed, adapting to new routines and studies, trying to make new friends, getting insufficient sleep, feeling pressure to use alcohol and drugs, worrying about money – it all takes a toll.

Dr Tanya’s overarching mission is to empower women to DO LESS. BE MORE. LIVE WELL, and Dr Tanya wants to encourage women of ALL ages to make their health & well-being a priority, not an afterthought. Dr. Tanya’s Stress-Free Sorority (SFS) seeks to specifically engage college-aged women (undergraduate & graduate) around the globe in a discussion on mental/emotional wellness. The pilot initiative has 4 initial goals:

1. Raise awareness that emotional well-being is as important as physical well-being. (One does not exist without the other.)

2. Educate women about the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

3. Provide women with the necessary tools to be their own health advocates.

4. Cultivate brand project ambassadors on different college campuses

The SFS national pledge campaign invites college-age women to TAKE THE PLEDGEand join a new kind of sorority that promotes emotional and physical well-being. To learn more and to TAKE THE PLEDGE, click HERE.

We also encourage you to continue to check back for updates related to the initiative.

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