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imageBefore attending UNPLUGGED, I felt like I was the only one going through my situation. However, after my UNPLUGGED experience, I walked away knowing that I wasn’t alone. I had an opportunity to meet women from all walks of life from all over the United States with situations similar to mine. I will never forget the feeling of release as I drove away.

L.R. Government HR Specialist, Gainesville, FL – February 2012 Signature Escape

After experiencing UNPLUGGED with Dr Tanya, I now know my next mission/calling in life. All it took was a day of quiet reflection, fellowship, and beautiful scenery! Thank you Dr Tanya!
L.W, Attorney & Business Owner, Atlanta, GA, – May 2013 Mini-Escape

We all need to UNPLUG! We had a diverse group of women from all over the country that came to this event, and realized just how much we had in common. We were able to not only relax, get a little silly, and get pampered, but we were also able to step outside of the roles of mom, wife, career woman (with whatever title), “Miss So-Together”and just be free to be ourselves. We really got real. I certainly learned some things about myself and even stepped outside my comfort zone and did something I’ve never done before…I feel like I have a new group of sisters.
K.H., Family Physician, Atlanta, GA – February 2012 Signature Escape

Thank you all so much for an amazing weekend! I got home late last night and felt something new when I walked into the house. I looked at everything with new eyes and a clear mind. No more looking back but moving forward to remove the masks and be the real me. Thank you all for the inspiration and support! And as I go on the road today, I’m implementing the nutritional suggestions from Cheryl [nutritionist]
C.S., Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs Manager, Summerville, MI – February 2012 Signature Escape

I attended the inaugural UNPLUGGED in February of 2012 as a vendor and day attendee. I thought it would bejust that….a vendor attending a portion of a great event but boy was I wrong! First, let me say that the exclusive mixer that took place the night before the Saturday day session was absolutely fabulous and exciting! I was able to service attendees with luxurious pampering products that helped them in their “getting back to me” experience and I also enjoyed laughing and connecting with other accomplished women. Day 1 was a night to remember, however, Day 2 proved to be the most liberating of all! We all came together for a day of sessions that allowed us to be transparent, self-aware of our feelings & and equipped us to learn how to honestly deal with the pressures of life without losing ourselves and our minds. I personally found healing for an unfortunate situation I’d experienced the previous year. There was no judgment, no pressure…nothing but an intimate group of women who were there to support and offer kind words and love…women that are still connected ’til this day!
L.S., Entrepreneur & Chemical Engineer, Columbia, SC – February 2012 Signature Escape

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